Valentino Biasi

Salary Partner

Valentino Biasi

Since the beginning of his career, Valentino Biasi has been dealing with labor law and industrial relationships, as well as agency law and he has cooperated with the De Luca & Partners law firm since 2008.

Valentino graduated from the Commercial University Luigi Bocconi of Milan in 2008 and he is a member of the Bar Association of Milan since 2012.

Education and Professional
  • Graduated from the Commercial University Luigi Bocconi of Milan in 2008

  • Member of the Bar Association of Milan since 2012

  • English
  • Portuguese


Valentino provides daily consulting and assistance to customers, consisting of both national and multinational companies operating in the most diverse sectors (industrial, commercial, banking and design), both in the ordinary management of employment labor and in extraordinary transactions such as company transfers and restructuring.

He also provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the field of labor law and agency in the interest of legal and natural persons.

Moreover, Valentino gained specific knowledge in the management of employment relationships in the sport sector thanks also to his participation in training courses organized by the State University of Milan.

Publications and other activities

Valentino cooperated in drawing up numerous articles on labor law published in specialized magazines (including Il Sole 24 Ore, il Quotidiano del Lavoro, il Giuslavorista, and AIDP).

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