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New apprentice contract type: Professional training apprentice contracts for the unemployed

The Government, with the aim of creating new employment opportunities for those excluded from the job market, introduced a new form of professional training apprentice contract with the new decree overhauling contractual types (Legislative Decree no. 81/2015). This type of apprenticeship is for those who receive unemployment benefits (Aspi, Naspi, agricultural and construction unemployment) or long-term unemployment. For these individuals the apprentice contract can be stipulated regardless of age and is aimed at professional qualification or requalification. The delegated legislator clarified that during the training period there is no ban on dismissals and that in the year following the transformation the decreased contribution regime is not applicable which is included for other cases of professional training apprentice contracts. All of the other rules for professional training apprentice contracts remain in force. Who knows if this “new” contract type will actually take off or remain on paper.