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Court of Rome: formal claim within 60 days against the flexible contracts (Il Sole 24 Ore, May 27, 2012, page 15)

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01 Juin 2012

The Court of Rome, with sentence no. 8841 of May 15th, 2012, stated that the suspension – provided for by the Law no. 10/2011 (law which converted the so called “Decreto Milleproroghe”) – until December 31st, 2011 of the new terms of claiming, established by the art. 32 of Law no. 183/2010 (so called “Collegato Lavoro”), is not referred to the flexible contracts (among others, staff leasing contracts, fixed-term contracts and contracts on project basis). Therefore, over the whole year 2011, with reference to these contracts, it should have been complied with the terms of 60 days.

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