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07 Avr 2010

The Senate definitively approved the so-called “Labour Attachment to the financial measure” (Bill 1167-B). Nevertheless, the President of the Republic has not signed it and he has returned it to the Parliament for the appropriate changes. Some of the main labour law topics that may be amended once the text will be definitely ratified are:
Ø abrogation of the compulsoriness of the so called attempt to settle;
Ø introduction of the possibility to transfer the disputes to arbitration, according to various procedures;
Ø introduction of stricter terms of forfeiture for judicial action regarding some cases, including impugnment of dismissal;
Ø certification of labour contracts;
Ø redefinition of the sanctions for so-called “hidden” employment;
Ø greater formal obligations for inspection bodies in the case of inspections at the company premises;
Ø modification of the compensation rules in case of requalification into open term employment relationship;
Ø modification of the procedure for transmitting medical certificates for illness;
Ø re-modulation of the sanctions for breaching the working hours regulations;
Ø modifications to permits for assistance to the disabled.

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