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LABOUR: INCENTIVES FOR THE COMPANIES IN CASE OF HIRING (Il Sole 24 Ore, October 10, 2012, page 21)

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12 Oct 2012
The Ministries of Labour and Economy, with interministerial decree, have allocated approx EUR 230 million for the hiring of young workers and of any-age women up to March 31, 2013. In particular, the incentive will be recognized for contracts with young employees up to 29 years-old or women, without age distinction, within a limit for each employer. The incentives – equal to EUR 12,000 – will be recognized to companies which will transform the fixed-term employment contracts into open-ended ones and for each stabilization of employees who currently collaborate with a coordinated and continuous (on a project basis) contract. In order to obtain the incentives, the stabilization should refer to employment contracts still in force or to ones terminated no more than six months ago, trough the signing of open-ended contracts, also part-time ones. In addition to the above, the decree also provides some incentives for the signing of fixed-term contracts with young employees and women, in particular: (i) equal to EUR 3,000 for employment contracts of not less than 12 months duration; (ii) EUR 4,000 if the duration of the contract exceeds 18 months; and (iii) equal to EUR 6,000 for contracts longer than 24 months. The incentive management is entrusted to INPS, to which the employers interested in the incentive obtainment will have to send online request according to the clarifications which will be provided by the Institute.

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