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19 Nov 2010
The Minister of Labor, Maurizio Sacconi, decided to prepare the reform of the so called “Statuto dei Lavoratori” (Law no. 300/1970) through the sending to the unions and management of a subordinated legislation bill (“disegno di legge delega”) necessary for framing a new unified, rationalized and simplified text containing labor law provisions. It was entrusted to the mentioned unions and management the assignment of translating the draft into a text which could be presented to the Council of Ministers. In the abovementioned draft it is identified a group of universal unavailable rights for all the employees, included the so called “collaborazioni a progetto” and the “monocommittenze”, stated in the Italian Constitution and in the European Bill of Rights. In addition, there is a second area of guardianship entrusted to the bargaining, which can be modulate in the companies and on territorial basis with agreements departed from the laws and with the valorization of the bilateral entities’ role. The first trade union reactions confirmed the known division between CGIL and CISL.

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