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Safety on workplace: risks evaluation in 30 days

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14 Août 2009

As of 20 August 2009 some new obligations and procedures for risk assessment and for completion of the required documentation become effective.
For those business activities already carried out at that time, paragraph 3 of art. 29 of Legislative Decree No. 106/09 provides that the risk assessment shall be revised immediately only in case of changes in the production process or in the organization, which are relevant for health and safety of the employee. In case of breach, a fine from Euro 2,000 to Euro 4,000 shall apply.
Besides, Art. 29 provides that the risk evaluation document should be updated within 30 days following any of the above described changes. For new activities, however, art. 28, paragraph 3-a, states that the risk evaluation should be done immediately and that the relevant document should be prepared within the next 90 days.

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