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The so called “work related act” has been approved

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03 Mar 2010
The Italian Senate has definitively approved the so called “work related act” to the financial law, (bill no. 1167-B). It is going to be published in the Official Gazette. The main labour law topic amended by such law are:
  • abolition of the mandatory out of court attempt to settle application at the Provincial Labour Office;
    introduction of the possibility to submit a claim to arbitration, if provided by the applicable Collective National Labour Agreement;
  • introduction of stricter deadline to the legal proceedings for impugnation of the dismissal;
  • certification of the employment contract;
  • redefinition of penalties for the so called “concealed labour”;
  • introduction of formal constraints to be borne by the inspection authorities in case of investigation at the company offices;
  • amending of the rules for the calculation of compensation for cases of transformation of fixed-term contracts into open-ended contracts.

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