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Training on the job for the companies in crisis

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03 Sep 2010
After one year by the enacting of the Law Decree no. 78/2009 (Law no. 102/2009) concerning provisions against the economic shortage, the rules to make effectiveness the specific provisions on the preservation of the job have been specified by INPS, with the message no. 20810/2010, concerning the social contributions profiles matters, and by INAIL, with the note dated 2nd July 2010, concerning the calculation of the insurance bonus. The Interdepartmental Labour and Social Security-Economy Decree dated 18th December 2009 states that employees who receive economic  treatments with job preservation may be staffed for training or requalification projects. Thereof a double advantage arises: the company has the chance to use the time of “work contraction” involving the interested employees in training activities; the employee is entitled to a bonus which covers the difference between the salary supplement and the salary due in the period of ordinary activity. The only requirement to be entitled to the aforesaid benefits is the signing of a specific agreement with the Trade Unions.

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