Corporate welfare

Corporate wellbeing is today an essential tool with unexplored potential for businesses, regardless of their size.

The overall well-being of employees within a company guarantees benefits in boththe short and long term and allows the company to pursue strategic objectives while implementing other and no less important corporate objectives such as: 

  • Productivity,  
  • Employee engagement;
  • Staff retention
  • Attraction of workers and investors; 
  • Corporate reputation
  • Competitive advantage in the long term.

However, the concept of corporate wellbeing must be understood in a broad sense, encompassing aspects concerning not only employees’ working lives, but, more generally, every work-related aspect that has a direct impact on the person and his or her private life.

From the company’s point of view and therefore, considering the initiatives that the employer can take to shape the company’s overall well-being, it is necessary to take concrete action in a range of different areas, such as the physical and mental health of employees and work-life balance.

Our team of professionals supports companies in the feasibility analysis and design and analysis of corporate welfare plans, working with them to achieve increases in corporate performance.

Specifically, we:

  • Analyse company needs, remuneration policies and incentive systems, to identify the most appropriate tools for the reference organisation;
  • Prepare corporate welfare and/or Flexible Benefits Plans to increase and facilitate the well-being of workers and their families;
  • Draft corporate welfare regulations;
  • Train corporate staff on the Welfare plan;
  • Support companies in informing and disseminating the choices made to the employees concerned;
  • Identify systems for monitoring and updating corporate welfare plans.