Values and Mission

The best legal advice offered with a clear vision and solid principles.

Values and Mission


For the Firm’s partners and associates, at present comprised of a team of 24 people to create personalized relationships with clients which are based on mutual trust and a sharing of values and goals.

De Luca & Partners mission is to provide Italian and foreign companies with consultation and legal assistance, in the field of employment law, agency law and trade union negotiations.

The Firm’s traditional mission is to provide support to businesses and 90% of the Firm’s turnover does in fact come from this type of client. Provided there is no conflict of interest, the Firm occasionally assists Executives in employment contract negotiations and employment disputes.


Expertise, confidentialityprofessionalismindependenceefficiency, a pro-active

attitudeattention to our clients’ needs and transparency: these are the values that have driven De Luca & Partner’s activities since 1976.

De Luca & Partners possesses a Code of Ethics which states the values and principles used as inspiration for its identity and conduct. 

The Code applies to partners, associates, employees, clients and suppliers of the Firm, and is in addition to the laws and regulations set down in statutory professional codes of ethics.

If you would like to receive a copy you can send a request by e-mail to the following address:


De Luca & Partners has always invested in the training of its associates and in technological innovation aimed at optimizing processes and sharing knowledge.

Thanks to this mission, De Luca & Partners is always at the forefront when choosing hardware and software as well as technology and communication media.

We believe that knowledge sharing is a key factor. Nowadays a key factor and certainly a unique element  as far as efficiency and success go is combining the experiences of all team members to create a common language structure and a shared history to draw upon for the benefit of all our clients.

The recent introduction of an IT system for Knowledge Intelligence, called KenDL, has been innovative. Via its advanced system of document and content management, developed with a strategic partner, KenDL we can call up any associated information or documentation belonging to the partners and collaborators of De Luca & Partners.

KenDL is a proprietary platform of De Luca & Partners, designed by our professionals to improve efficiency in the digital organization of our best practices, with a significant and immediate impact on speed of execution and even increasing the excellence of our quality standards.

Greater text preparation automation permits maximum concentration of attention and energy to create added value to the benefit of customers.

In other words, KenDL is a consolidator of our Studio’s forty years of experience and know-how, becoming a catalyst of excellence.