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By Order No 8375 of 23 March 2023, the Italian Court of Cassation confirmed that footage from video surveillance systems installed for security purposes may be used to prove an employee’s disciplinary breach. The facts of the caseThe case arose from a disciplinary sanction of suspension from duty and pay for ten days imposed on ....

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The Court was called upon to rule on several issues, including the refusal by a well-known food delivery company to communicate to the plaintiff trade unions the information required by Art. 1-bis of Legislative Decree of 26 May 1997 introduced by the Transparency Decree and requested by specific communication, dated 22 December 2022 It is ....

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In its recent judgment of 21 March 2023, the Court of Forlì confirmed the lawfulness of a penalty clause in a letter of employment if the worker does not take up employment on the start date agreed upon by the parties, even when the employment is subject to a probationary period. The facts of the ....

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By Order of 6 April 2023, No 9453, the Italian Court of Cassation ruled on the subject of dismissal for poor performance. The Court clarified that this type of dismissal falls within the scope of dismissals for justified subjective reasons resulting from a significant breach by the worker of his/her contractual obligations. In this context, ....

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The National Labour Inspectorate (Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro, ‘INL’), in note No 2572 of 14 April 2023, provided operational guidelines for the issuance of authorisations for video surveillance systems and instruments which enable remote control of workers within the meaning of Article 4 of the Workers’ Charter (Italian Law No 300/1970). As set out in ....

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