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With Law No. 81 of 22 May 2017 on “Measures for the protection of non-entrepreneurial self-employment and measures aimed at encouraging flexible articulation in the times and places of subordinate work“, home working (commonly referred to as “lavoro agile” or “smart working“) was regulated for the first time in our legal system. This is a ....

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The FAQ(s) aim to support employers in the correct application of existing legislation resulting from the combination of personal data protection applicable law, workplace health and safety applicable law and emergency regulations. On 17 February 2021, the Italian Data Protection Authority (the “Authority”) published on its institutional website some FAQ(s) (“Frequently Asked Questions”) concerning the ....

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The debate on the reliability of family members’ testimonies is recurrent, as they have a personal interest in the trial’s outcome.    The Supreme Court has returned to the subject with its ruling no. 2295 of 2 February 2021, stating that for testimonial evidence, a witness who has a family or marriage relationship with one ....

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The Court of Trento, in a ruling dated 21 January 2021, stated that an employee who is absent from work due to a fiduciary isolation ordered due to their (avoidable) choice to spend holidays abroad constituted just cause for dismissal. The Court’s ruling stems from an appeal brought by an employee who had been dismissed because, ....

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On 21 January, the European Parliament approved the resolution containing recommendations to the Commission on the right to disconnection (2019/2181(INL). This term means – as specified by the Parliament – the “right of workers not to engage in work-related tasks or communications outside working hours by means of digital media, such as phone calls, emails ....

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