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In a decree dated 28 March 2021, The Court of Milan recognised anti-union conduct under art. 28 of Italian Law no. 300/1970 at a company where a video message was circulated by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, which invited staff to join a trade union and enter into a collective industry agreement.The fact ....

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Six years ago, on 7 March 2015, the Jobs Act came into force, providing innovative protection if there is an unlawful dismissal for new employees under permanent contracts. At the time, this measure was considered revolutionary for the principles governing the existing protections. It intended to regulate the consequences of unlawful dismissal automatically and based ....

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Non-competition agreement – Agreement nullity – Remuneration – agreement onerousness – Remuneration Determination/Determinability Court of Cassation, 1 March 2021, no.  5540 “Concerning the non-competition agreement entered into with an employee, the mere provision that the agreement is onerous excludes the extreme sanction of the agreement’s nullity may be applied if there is a financial imbalance ....

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Vittorio De Luca during the #Ripartitalia special on MF today, analyses the salient points of Law 81 of 2017, which for many aspects has proven to keep up with the times and withstood the test of the changes caused by the pandemic crisis. However, various limits need to be taken into consideration for a reform. The ....

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Employees who work a daily shift exceeding 6 hours, must be granted a substitute meal voucher if they are unable to use the canteen service or if, due to their job, they are not able to take a break. This principle expressed by the Court of Cassation, which, with ruling no. 5547 of 1 March ....

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