Autonomous and semi-subordinate employment contracts

De Luca & Partners supports its client companies – national and international – in the negotiation and drafting of contracts of employment and self-employed consultants. The specific skills in the field combined with the important experience gained in practice, mean that De Luca & Partners’ professionals assist clients by paying the utmost attention to all the peculiarities that each case may present, preventing with particular care any and all potential claims.

The assistance provided by De Luca & Partners allows its clients to define each type of contract of self-employment and consultant also advising the most suitable solution based on the individual needs of the case in question.

De Luca & Partners also provides assistance in any subsequent problematical phase to the establishment of the relationship, for example during disputes concerning the genuineness of the contracts signed and the subsequent claim – ab origine – of the subordinate nature of the relationship of employment or self-employment.

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