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De Luca & Partners Law Firm, founded in 1976, has unique experience in Employment Law and provides daily advice, assistance and representation in legal proceedings to national and multinational companies from a wide range of sectors.

Today, as almost 50 years ago, the decision to prioritise Employment Law constitutes a central point of the Firm’s development strategy.

De Luca & Partners Law Firm, Milan

De Luca & Partners’ professionals provide assistance and advice on all ordinary employment activities, in accordance with business and individual Client needs.

Specifically, De Luca & Partners’ professionals assist Clients in various areas:

  • in the preparation of para-subordinate/autonomous employment contracts and in the management of the related relationship from its establishment to its termination;
  • in the preparation of employment contracts for each category of employee (worker, employee, executive and manager) and special clauses (for example, non-competition agreements and stability pacts);
  • in the drafting of (i) stock option plans, MBO, other forms of incentive and retention as well as (ii) corporate welfare plans;
  • in the interpretation and correct application of the legislation in force and of the applicable collective bargaining agreements;
  • in the management and resolution of all problems relating to agency work, providing support to both agency and user companies.

Lawyers who are experts in international employment law

Since its foundation, and thanks to the founder’s specific skills and those of the Team, the Firm has been regularly involved in the reorganisation and restructuring of companies and directly involved in related industrial relations, providing regular assistance and advice to national and international Clients on all aspects related to restructuring procedures.

Furthermore, De Luca & Partners’ professionals deal with critical moments in business life in the field of employment law, offering their assistance in disciplinary proceedings, individual and collective transfers, changes to roles or other conditions of the employment relationship, as well as individual and collective dismissals and any other form of termination of the relationship. De Luca & Partners’ professionals also offer advice on the grant or transfer of a company or sale of a business unit.

The Firm supports client companies in the preparation of corporate policies and regulations: both those of a more traditional nature, such as those relating to disciplinary issues, and those that are more innovative, such as regulations on remote working.

The Firm also works closely with several corporate law firms, private equity firms and investment funds with which it is typically involved in the management of civil and employment law aspects in M&A and corporate restructuring transactions.

The Firm’s Partners and Associates are always committed to achieving the Clients’ objectives, avoiding litigation where appropriate.

In any case, representation in legal proceedings is a particular area of expertise of the Firm.

In providing its services, De Luca & Partners always adopts a tailor-made approach, seeking the best solution for its Clients’ needs and explaining the rules of Italian employment law in a clear and simple way.

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