Employment & Labour

De Luca & Partners’ professionals regularly provide advice and assistance to national and multinational companies, operating in the most diverse product sectors, on all matters concerning their ordinary activities in the field of labour law, in a manner consistent with their business and the objectives set.

Specifically, De Luca & Partners’ professionals assist clients in:

  • the preparation of contracts of employment for consultants/self employed and in the management of the relative relationship from initiation to its termination;
  • the preparation of employment contracts for each category of employee (worker, clerk, middle manager and manager) and special clauses (e.g. non-competition and stability pact); 
  • the definition of (i) stock option plans, MBOs, other forms of incentives and retention as well as (ii) corporate welfare plans.

De Luca & Partners also deals with all issues related to the administration of work, providing support to both administration companies and user companies.

De Luca & Partners also supports client companies in the preparation of corporate policies and regulations: both those with a more traditional matrix, such as the so-called “De Luca” and the “De Luca”. The Committee is pleased to note that the Commission has taken a number of steps to ensure that the “regulations” and more innovative ones, such as smart-working regulations, are also taken into account.

The professionals of De Luca & Partners also deal with the more testing moments of corporate life in the field of employment law, offering their assistance in the context of disciplinary proceedings, individual and collective transfers, changes of job or other conditions of the employment relationship as well as in the context of individual and collective dismissals and any other form of termination of the relationship. The professionals of De Luca & Partners also offer advice on the transfer or transfer of business or sale of a business unit.

In providing its services, De Luca & Partners always adopts a tailor-made approach, looking for the best solution in relation to the needs of its customers.

De Luca & Partners’ consulting activities also include the interpretation of legal provisions and collective bargaining agreements which, from time to time, are relevant to the various cases that arise with client companies.

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