ESG: DLP for businesses

The increasing focus on ESG issues is due to both legislative intervention such as Italian Legislative Decree no. 254/2016, which implemented EU Directive 95/2014 on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups, and to economic operators’ more widespread awareness of Sustainability. These issues are now a reference point for both larger companies, which are covered by the legal obligations, and all companies (including SMEs) that want to be competitive and stand out nationally and internationally.

In this context, the role of the employment lawyer also evolves from a “litigator” to the company’s “business partner” who, in coordination with the Human Resources Department and the Sustainability managers, works synergistically to prevent potential business problems relating to workers, one of the main categories of stakeholders.

Through its multidisciplinary team, De Luca & Partners supports its clients in the design and implementation of:

  • welfare plans adapted to specific needs. A well-structured welfare plan allows a company of any size (whether small, medium or large) to increase its productivity and employee participation. Specifically, through welfare plans, employees can be granted remuneration complementary to the so-called “monetary” compensation, such as goods or services with advantageous wage and tax regimes, both for the employer and for the employee;
  • remote working policies that guarantee (i) improved employee well-being, (ii) work-life balance, and (iii) greater environmental sustainability, through reducing traffic and pollution from less commuting;
  • organisation, management and controlmodels (modello di organizzazione, gestione e controllo, ‘MOG’), under Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 with the related code of ethics that constitutes an integral and essential part of it. The MOG does nothing more than describe a company’s “governance model” and its Code of Ethics, which becomes a real company values charter, guiding the actions of everyone involved in its organisation and operation.

De Luca & Partners also assists companies in the design of remuneration systems — which are also sustainable — structured according to principles of equity, equal opportunities and meritocracy.

In addition, we carry out the following activities for our Clients: ​

  • auditing of existing company practices, procedures and policies;
  • assistance and support in preparing new policies to achieve ESG objectives;
  • specific training on ESG issues and on Client organisations’ sustainability policies;
  • adoption of internal policies to correctly and fairly managing systems for:
    • whistleblowing, ​
    • data protection, ​
    • health and safety,
    • freedom of association and assembly;
  • implementation of management policies and business strategy with respect to issues – just to name a few – such as:
    • diversity and inclusion, ​
    • mobbing and harassment,
    • maternity and paternity management, ​
    • equal opportunities, ​
    • the gender gap as well as ​
    • equal pay; ​
  • design of compensation plans that include ESG criteria and that analyse the percentage alignment with financial incentives for virtuous behaviour in the environmental, social and governance fields.

UNI /PDR 125:2022​​ Certification

We advise Client companies on:

  • UNI /PDR 125:2022 Certification requirements;
  • the indicators required by the Certification and an on-going monitoring system;
  • implementing a compliant Management System;
  • obtaining the Certification for Gender Equality.