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Without prejudice to its vocation as a law firm for companies, since its foundation, De Luca & Partners has also established itself as a reference point in the assistance of Managers in labour disputes.

Over the years, De Luca & Partners has worked alongside leading Managers in both out-of-court and judicial assistance, such as:

  • Managers and managerial staff in general;
  • Company Directors
  • Managers-managers who combine the subordinate nature of the relationship with the corporate position.

Specifically, De Luca & Partners offers its customers the following services: 

  • Advice and assistance in the negotiation and establishment of employment relationships with particular focus on the recognition of some contractual elements:
    • Confidentiality clause 
    • garden leave;
    • golden parachutes; 
    • Non-compete agreement 
    • Stock option plans 
  • Consultancy and assistance in the out-of-court phase and possible resolution of employment relationships with a propensity in the management of negotiations characterized by a strong orientation towards results:
    • recognition of compensation;
    • recognition of benefits;
    • recognition of various types of indemnities in proceedings for the revocation of powers and positions of administration. 
  • Assistance in the judicial phase of active and passive litigation:
    • for the recognition of economic competence and compensation;
    • for defence against liability actions and breach of loyalty or non-competition obligations.

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