HRO – HR Outsourcing

Clients rely on the partnership between De Luca & Partners and HR Capital, who specialises in services for the management and administration of outsourced personnel, to offer employment consulting services and for the management of an integrated consulting service.

HR Capital is a company 100% owned by De Luca & Partners.

The professionals at De Luca & Partners and HR Capital cooperate through a long-standing and consolidated tradition of integrated collaboration for matters of mutual competence. For almost 40 years, HR Capital has been supporting companies in HR consulting and high-end HRO outsourcing services.

The range of services, quality and technology

The range of services

HR Capital offers a wide range of services for employee remuneration management. Its team of experts takes care of all aspects of payroll management, from data collection and payroll preparation to tax returns and social security reporting, payment services, fund management and personnel budgeting.

HR Capital supports client companies in the management and administration of personnel, offering, in particular, the following services:

  • Employment consultancy
    A personalised consulting service to help companies better manage their human resources, providing support in all operational areas of companies’ HR departments, from hiring to the drafting of remuneration policies and the management of relations with employees.
  • Payroll
    Thanks to a team of HR Specialists and Employments Consultants who are experts in the field, HR Capital offers comprehensive payroll management including related social security, welfare and tax obligations.
    A combination of our experts’ expertise, a team dedicated to each client company and cutting-edge technological infrastructure made available to customers in SaaS mode, governed by a specialised team overseeing the application systems.
  • Extended services
    Within this range of services, HR Capital deals with:
    attendance management, expense and travel report management, creation of personalised reports, social security representation, commercial agents’ management, expatriate management, and staff training.


The approach is always proactive with the aim of anticipating your needs with a wide and customisable range of services: for this reason they guarantee a contact person and a dedicated team to support your company in all human resources management activities with professionalism, competence and punctuality.

In addition, the processes and the quality system are certified by Zucchetti (we obtained the Zucchetti Service Partner certification in 2019) and by the TÜV SÜD GROUP according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.


Available to HR Cloud client companies: an efficient web portal essential for the safe sharing of documents and information both between the personnel management and the HR Capital team, and for all communications and documents that must be distributed widely and individually to the employees of client companies.

HR Cloud offers several benefits to companies and employees. First, it allows you to access payroll data securely and quickly, simplifying and speeding up the payroll process. The web portal allows you to have complete control over payroll management, monitoring in real time the data relating to employees and activities carried out. Thanks to the online platform, employees can access their data independently, without having to request information from company staff, reducing waiting times and improving the quality of service.