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Whistleblowing has become a national law (Il Commerci@lista, Labour and Social Security November/December 2017, Vittorio De Luca – Giulia Galli)

On 15 November 2017, the Chamber of Deputies approved draft law No. 2208 regulating the so-called whistleblowing. The main novelty concerns the extension of the protection also to private companies for employees that report internally or file a complaint to the judiciary authorities on any illegal conduct or breaches of the organizational model, of which they become aware during their employment relationship. In fact, the provision modifies article 6 of the Legislative Decree No. 231 dated 2001 on the topic of “Administrative liability of entities”. In order to meet the requirements of the newly approved law, it is recommended that companies begin arranging and adopting adequate corporate procedures explaining as simply as possible the principles and implementation methods of the reporting (e.g. enabling of specific email addresses, use of corporate Intranet systems).