Individual multiple dismissals (personnel reduction)

For an effective reorganisation or reduction of personnel, an effective intervention strategy needs to be identified from the start, and a systematic implementation method developed to assess the effects of the proposed change.

De Luca & Partners has carefully handled personnel reduction processes which are justified for production activity and work organisation motives.  It focuses on the uniqueness of each case to provide clients with a strategy to align the risks connected with human resource management with the essential requirements of the complex regulatory framework.

The highly experienced Firm’s professionals offer continuous advice and assistance from the initial dismissal phase. This phase is useful for identifying the financial and organisational reasons to use as dismissal grounds, the workers to dismiss following the case law criteria that provide a guide for an assigned judge for assessing the existence of the bonafide nature of the organisational process.

The Firm helps its clients during the personnel reduction process by following three objectives: observance of schedule timelines, budget compliance, and creating the minimum adverse effects for personnel.