Notice (2118 of the Italian Civil Code)

Notice, under art. 2118 of the Italian Civil Code, represents a restriction, rectius, which is an obligation for the party terminating an employment contract and a right of the party subject to it. It is the standstill and final termination effectiveness period and produces the immediate termination deferral for a specified period.

When an employer gives notice to the dismissed employee, they fulfil a fundamental guarantee which allows them to receive income for a certain period to look for a new job.  Notice in the case of employee resignation of the employee gives the employer time to look for a new resource as a replacement.

The notice period is set by job-specific national collective contracts, based on the qualification, classification and seniority. A case-by-case analysis is indispensable as it is impossible to indicate a general period required for dismissal or resignation. A party that does not comply with this period must pay other compensation for lack of notice. 

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