Temporary employment/Contract

The boundary between a “bonafide” contract and unlawful, temporary employment is subtle but essential for verifying the contract’s bonafide nature.

During preliminary negotiations and contract preparation, De Luca & Partners assists clients with its extensive experience and expertise. It does this by focusing on the case’s particularities and ensuring the contract contains the correct bonafide features.

Temporary employment was recently reformed by Italian Decree Law 197/2018 (the Dignity Decree). De Luca & Partners’ professionals assist clients during the preliminary negotiation and contract preparation by focusing on each case’s unique features. Identifying reasons that legitimise the beginning, renewal and extension of temporary employment is given priority.  Assistance entails a study and review of temporary employment contracts to assess their compatibility with implementable legislation, identification of remedies and establishing if unlawful action emerged during the analysis.

De Luca & Partners’ advisory work and assistance is not limited to the preliminary negotiation and contract preparation. It includes aiding the client in managing litigation where an employee claims contractor employment or remuneration of contribution differences where the customer and contractor are jointly and severally liable.

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