Transfer of company/business branch

De Luca & Partners has significant experience in company or business unit transfers, providing its company clients with advice and assistance related to company sales, mergers, rentals, establishment or transfer of usufruct.

In employment law, the regulatory framework for company or business unit transfer is provided by articles 2112 of the Italian Civil Code and Italian Law and 47 of Law 428/90, Italian Legislative Decree 18/2001 and art. 32 of Legislative Decree 276/2003. These provisions govern the transfer of the company complex and establish a network of guarantees for workers involved in the changeover to a new employer.

With its professionals’ expertise and experience, the Firm supports company clients during all transfer process phases including the initial information and trade union consultation phase, joint examination with the trade union and creating and implementing a trade union agreement. This means paying maximum attention to each case’s uniqueness and carefully focusing on preventing any possible or potential claims.  

By identifying and managing the priorities and risks at the various sites and containing costs, the Firm’s professionals provide clients with strategic solutions that reach and confirm established objectives.

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