Privacy Compliance (GDPR)

In 2016 De Luca & Partners initiated the Privacy and Data Protection Department. The team, led by the Managing Partner of the Firm, Vittorio De Luca and by Elena Cannone, Senior Associate of the Firm, offers consulting and specialized assistance in supporting national and international companies, who operate in the most diverse product sectors. This includes fulfilling industry regulation requirements and the implementation, management and updating of adequate security measures and corporate policies, as well as during litigation and in front of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

Specifically, De Luca & Partners’ professionals support customers in the:

  • mapping of the data, processing operations, purposes and subjects involved;
  • carrying out the data protection impact assessment;
  • definition and implementation of security measures to ensure adequate protection of personal data (such as, for example, Regulations on the correct use of work tools and procedures for the proper management of requests by those concerned to exercise their rights);
  • preparation of the Register of processing activities;
  • preparation/updating of the necessary documentation (e.g. information, contract appointments, consent forms, appointments of authorised persons and related instructions, appointments of external data processors, policies and information for websites);
  • implementation of internal control mechanisms to verify the effective application of the measures implemented; 
  • implementation of the procedure that governs any Data Breach and in the drafting of the relevant forms, supporting and assisting customers in the management of any obligations related to the violation suffered.

In every case, De Luca & Partners professionals support their clients along a path of total respect for the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default

In addition, De Luca & Partners’ professionals provide assistance to customers:

  • in proceedings before the Guarantor or during inspections carried out by the aforementioned Control Authority or its delegates, and
  • processing requests for access and clarification from interested parties or Control Authorities.

De Luca & Partners also supports companies in the training and updating of personnel, organizing workshops and preparing the relevant teaching materials.

De Luca & Partners provides qualified professionals to cover the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) or advisory support to the DPO.

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