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DID YOU KNOW THAT… COVID-positive workers can be readmitted to work only after a negative molecular swab?

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28 Apr 2021

The Shared protocol for updating measures to combat and contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 virus in work environments” was signed on 6 April 2021. It requires workers who remained positive after 21 days of the appearance of COVID-19 symptoms to be readmitted to work only after receiving a negative molecular swab or antigenic swab carried out in a facility accredited or authorised by the healthcare service. The negative molecular certificate required for re-entry must be addressed to the company physician. With a circular dated 12 April, the Ministry of Health outlined the procedures to be performed for the return to work of employees who have contracted the virus. The company physician must carry out a preventive medical examination to confirm work suitability regardless of the length of absence due to illness for workers admitted to hospital. This will take place after submitting a negative swab certificate. Workers with less severe symptoms may return to work after a period of isolation of at least ten days from the onset of symptoms. They must provide a molecular test with a negative result performed after at least three symptom-free days.  Workers who are positive but asymptomatic throughout the period, may return to work after a period of isolation of at least ten days from the positive swab, at the end of which a molecular test is performed with a negative result.  Unless they can smart working, workers who are a close contact with a positive case must inform their GP to issue an illness certificate. In that case, the worker, after performing a ten-day quarantine from the last contact with the positive case, may be readmitted to work after undergoing a molecular or antigen swab, informing the employer through the company physician.

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