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Ministry of Labour: publicized the vademecum for the correct application of Fornero’s Reform (Il Sole 24 Ore, April 23, 2013, page 19)

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26 Apr 2013
On April 22, the Ministry of Labour publicized the vademecum that represents the summary of the meeting between the General Direction of Ministry Inspective Activity and the National Council of Labour Consultants that took place on February 7 and 8, 2013. The points of sharing of the mentioned meeting are flow into the note n. 7258 of April 22, 2013.
For example, according to Consultants and Ministry, the new start of an intermittent contract after the conclusion of a fixed-term contract may be considered in breach of law, with the consequent nullity of the same contract and its transformation in indefinitely employment relationship.
The note set that it is possible to start an accessory job in the limits of 2.000 euro, also if there are employees who makes the same performance in the company with a dependent employment relationship; and the limit of three partners in participation does not apply where the partner is a businessman, too. 

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