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Only the employer is entitled to install audiovisual systems (Newsletter Norme & Tributi n. 165 Camera di Commercio Italo-Germanica – Vittorio De Luca, Martina De Angeli)

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31 Jan 2023

By judgement no. 15644 of 23 November 2022, the Administrative Court of Lazio clarified, among other things, that the employer is the only person entitled to install audiovisual systems that may enable remote control of the workers’ activity. The case originated from the request of a company providing transport services for others, which, according to the contract stipulated, should have installed video recording systems on its vehicles and make the images available to the client. Systems so devised, the decision states, would have been controlled by persons other than the employer, in contrast with the provisions of the applicable legislation.  The Court notes that the reasons that justify the installation of the tools required to achieve such purposes, as indicated by Art. 4 of Law no. 300/1970 (the “Workers’ Charter”), i.e., (i) the protection of the company’s assets, (ii) the purpose of security and safety of personnel and (iii) the proper compliance with organisational and production needs, the Court notes, can only be referred to the employer.

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