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Remote or agile working (Guida al Lavoro de Il Sole 24 Ore, 12 June 2020 – Vittorio De Luca, Antonella Iacobellis, Raffaele Di Vuolo, Martina De Angeli)

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12 Jun 2020

De Luca & Partners, for the special Guida al Lavoro (Employment Guide), describes the legalities of remote or agile working,

  1. by tracing the regulations set down by Italian Law no. 81/17 examining in detail, inter alia,
  2. the right to disconnect,
  3. the requisites of the individual agreement required by the legislation in question,
  4. the employer’s control and disciplinary power,
  5. the profiles related to health and safety,
  6. the inherent privacy profiles of interest
  7. and illustrating the current simplified form adopted during the COVID19 period
  8. with the description of what simplified remote working means,
  9. with indication of the categories granted the right or preference for activation of remote working.

The Guida al Lavoro special offers an overview of the legislation and case law related to remote working as well as an interesting point for reflection on critical issues connected with remote working, an employment procedure that will become increasingly widespread in coming months and a form taken from the database of IlSole24Ore.

Continue to read the full version of the contribution (in Italian).

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