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Remote working and the right to disconnection: (Agendadigitale.eu, 8 May 2020 – Vittorio De Luca, Elena Cannone)

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08 May 2020

The tools used by the remote worker (e.g. laptops and smartphones) to perform their work allow a constant and continuous availability and connection, not only potential but in fact, constant and continuous. And this would risk to compromise the balance between professional and private life which is one of the requirements of remote work.

The right of disconnection is part of this framework, according to which the worker must be protected by a potential permanent connection.

Vittorio De Luca and Elena Cannone examine the agreements and rules that guarantee this increasingly fundamental right in the light of the growing use of remote working.

Continue here to read the full version of the article in Italian language.

Source: Agendadigitale.eu

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