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DID YOU KNOW THAT… the Budget Law introduced a new protection period for at-risk workers?

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27 Jan 2021

Law 30 December 2020, no. 178 (2021 Budget Law) introduced a new protection period from 1 January 2021 to the following 28 February for public and private at-riskemployees. INPS clarified this with its message no. 171 of 15 January. This protection involves equating the period of absence from work to hospitalisation for workers in possession of certification indicating their at-risk status. They must provide documentation about their disability or risk condition resulting from immunosuppression or the results of oncological diseases or due to life-saving treatments. Equating the absence with illness means recognising the worker’s financial benefit and contribution within a maximum period provided for by the legislation for the employee qualification and working sector. In addition: This protection allows the at-risk employee to carry out their duties in smart working, including (i) the assignment to different tasks included in the same classification category or area, as defined by collective agreements or (ii) the performance of specific vocational training activities which can be done remotely.

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