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Court of Cassation: pensions, from the invalidity to the retirement (Il Sole 24 Ore, 1 May 2012, page 18)

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04 May 2012
The Supreme Court, with the sentence no. 6588 of 30th April 2012, stated that the invalidity pensions may be converted to retirements only if there are the relevant requirements. On the one hand, for the pensions obtained according to the Law no. 222/1984, the amount of the pension may not be lower than the related invalidity cheque paid to the insured party when he/she reaches the pensionable age. While, on the other hand, the pensions obtained according to the old discipline (Royal Law Decree no. 636/1939) operate on the option of the insured party: he/she is not entitled to keep the previous treatment.

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