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Full matching between the disputed charge and the reasons for the disciplinary dismissal is required

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29 Aug 2018

The Court of Cassation with ruling No. 15523/2018 had the opportunity to clarify, once again, a few important cases concerning a dismissal ordered upon conclusion of disciplinary proceedings pursuant to art. 7 of the Law No. 300/1970. The judges of the Court of Cassation, in fact, returned to explore the heavy and controversial matter of linking the disputed fact with the letter starting the disciplinary proceeding to a different disciplinary assumption. On the matter, the Court reminded how said possibility is not excluded since it would exclusively be related to a different take on the same fact subject matter of the dispute, relating to which the employee had the opportunity to exercise his right of defence. On the contrary, it was also restated how the employer does not have the possibility to bring forth new and/or additional factual circumstances respect to those subject matter of the dispute, since this conduct would irremediably damage the right of the defence of the worker who would not have, in this manner, the possibility to present his own reasons related to said circumstances. In this manner, the Court of Cassation confirms its opinion according to which it is necessary full matching between the disputed facts and the ones at the root of the dismissal tied to the disciplinary proceedings.

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