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Keeping the same employment status carried out during the apprenticeship is needed to maintain the social security contribution’s facilities (Court of Cassation, Labour Section, no. 15055/2010)

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23 Jul 2010
The Court of Cassation pointed out that the Company which changes the employment status of the apprentice employee immediately after the advanced conversion of its apprenticeship agreement into an open-term employment agreement, will not be entitled to enjoy the social security contribution’s facilities (i.e. one year of facilitated social security contribution), provided by law in such a case. Moreover, the Supreme Court specified that the apprentice shall perform its job having the same status which the apprenticeship contract was stipulated for, underlining that a variation of the employment status, straight afterwards the apprenticeship contract conversion, would imply, for the Company, the loss of the social security contribution’s facilities provided by law (art. 21, par. 6, L. no. 56/1987).

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