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18 Jan 2010
Ø Extension of lay-off schemes to all 2010, including those of exceptional nature and those aimed at companies having more than 50 employees;
Ø Introduction of a lump sum allowance for project-based collaborators who are unemployed as at 1 January 2010, amounting to 30% of the previous year’s income within a maximum threshold of Euro 4,000.00;
Ø Reintroduction of indefinite term staff leasing agreements and consequent removal of certain prohibitions to the entering into of staff leasing agreements;
Ø Widening of the standard requirements to access non-agricultural unemployment benefits;
Ø Introduction of reliefs for companies hiring workers suspended from work and benefitting from the relevant unemployment benefit;
Ø Possibility for the relevant national collective bargaining agreement to establish the salary of apprentices as a percentage of the salary to which workers assigned to duties having corresponding qualifications are entitled.  

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