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23 Sep 2011
On September 21st, 2011, Confindustria and trade unions definitively signed the Interconfederational Agreement of June 28th, 2011 about contracts and representativeness, which has become, therefore, entirely effective. The mentioned subscription cancel the effects of Article 8 of the financial maneuvering passed by the Government (Law Decree No. 138/2011 turned into Law No. 148/2011) which provided for the possibility of including derogations in the company agreements compared with the national collective ones. The mentioned, notwithstanding CGIL intends however to proceed for obtaining the definitive cancellation of the abovementioned Article 8, also through an appeal to the Constitutional Court.
In this regard, the Labour Minister, Maurizio Sacconi, underlined that the Agreement defines the criteria for the trade unions’ representativeness on the basis of workers’ proxies verified by INPS (whose majority makes the arrangements applicable to all the employees) and that the Government has already begun a widest verification in order to offer also to other categories the instruments for adopting a similar criterium.

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