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Deadlines in terms of safety at work have been postponed

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12 Jul 2009

The Labour Ministry has postponed the deadline for submission to INAIL (National Insurance Against Injuries at Work) of lists of staff safety representatives to 16 August 2009. By Circular 17/09 the Ministry has also suspended the entry into force – envisaged for 16 May 2009 – of the reporting obligation to INAIL, for statistical purposes, of figures on accidents and injuries in the workplace entailing absence from work for at least one day.

On 16 May, the following regulations pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 – Consolidated Law on Protection of Health and Safety in the Workplace – entered into force:

  • ban on pre-recruitment medical examinations by the company doctor;
  • requirement to state a specific date on the risk assessment document;
  • and the requirement to include the work-related stress risk analysis in the risk assessment document.

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