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14 Jan 2011
The sending of the disabled workers form, provided for by the Law no. 68/99, may be executed from 15th to 31st January 2011. This short deadline is justified – according with Ministry of Employment’s communication – by technical time necessary for updating the new software package which will allow to fill online the abovementioned document. Companies that, on 31st December 2010, employed at least 15 employees on a national basis, have to send the aforementioned form (in particular, the companies which employed from 15 to 35 employees have to send the document only in case of new hiring after the 15th). The Law Decree no. 112/08 (converted in the Law no. 133/08) has partially modified rules referred to sending obligation, granting to the employers the possibility of not presenting the document again if there are no modifications, compared to the previous year, in the law regarding the obligation hiring of disabled workers.    

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