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07 Apr 2010
Italian Leg. Decree 5/10 came into force on 20 February 2010 to implement European Community Directive 54/06 on equal opportunity and equal treatment between men and women at the work place. The decree reinforces the principle according to which equal treatment and opportunity between men and women must be ensured in all fields, including employment, labour and remuneration.
The main innovations the decree contains are:
Ø sanctions: escalation of sanctions that may entail, at the most, a fine of up to Euro 50,000 or arrest up to six months;
Ø old age pension; right of female workers with old age pension requisites (60 years of age) to continue working until the age required for men (65 year so age);
Ø remuneration: discrimination forbidden for the same work or for work with the same value;
Ø international adoptions: dismissal is forbidden starting from the notification of an adoption proposal or notification requesting travel abroad to receive the pairing proposal, until one year after the minor enters into the family unit;
Ø integrative pension: discrimination forbidden on the rules on access, contributions and treatments set by complementary pension plans;
Ø training: discrimination forbidden on professional training and career advancement of workers.

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