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LABOR MARKET REFORM (Il Sole 24 Ore, June 28, 2012, page 11)

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29 Jun 2012
The Bill of the labor market reform has been approved yesterday at the Chamber: 393 favorable votes, 74 opposite votes and 46 abstentions. After the promulgation of the Chief of State and the publication on the Official Gazette, the reform will become a law. The comment of the President of UE commission, José Manuel Barroso, is positive, acknowledging the “strong signal of determination of Italy” for a reform which had been solicited from Europe on the last month of August by a letter of the European Central Bank. From Bruxelles, Mario Monti thanked the Parliament for the effort done for the definitive approval, while the Ministry of Labor, Elsa Fornero, confirmed the commitment of the Government for the “prompt amendments” asked from the majority parties.

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