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LABOR REFORM: THE MAIN PROVISIONS (Il Sole 24 Ore, March 21th, 2012, pages 1, 3 and 5)

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23 Mar 2012
The main provisions of the labor reform – which will be applied to both the existing contracts and the future ones – will be: (i) in case of dismissal for economic (or objective) reasons, a compensation equal to from 15 up to 27 monthly salaries; (ii) in case of dismissal for disciplinary (or subjective) reasons, the reintegration or the compensation; (iii) in case of discriminatory dismissal (which is and will remain null and avoid), the reintegration; (iv) the presumption of employment for VAT collaborator, whose relationship is longer than 6 months; (v) Social Insurance for Employment (so called “ASPI”) in lieu of unemployment and mobility indemnities, completely operational from 2017; (vi) the centrality of the open-ended employment relationships; (vii) the stabilization of the fixed-term employment relationships when repeated for more than 36 months and the payment of a social security contribution burden (which will be partially recovered by the company in case of open-ended hiring); (viii) the introduction of a minimum duration and a compulsory rate of stabilization for apprenticeship.

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