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10 Dec 2010
The Senate has conclusively approved the financial manoeuvring for the next three years.
As the welfare system is concerned, it has to be pointed out the following interventions:
·       refinancing of redundancy fund, mobility and special unemployment treatments;
·       extension of incentives for hiring workers who receive social security cushions;
·       chance for employers who are not included in the extraordinary temporary layoff intervention to use joint liability contracts (“contratti di solidarietà”);
·       extension of the redundancy fund treatments increase, from 60% to 80%, in favour of those ones who may be entitled to joint liability contracts jointly with redundancy fund;
·       extension of the chance to get a tax relief on productivity bonuses for companies and employees;
·       extension of taxation reduced of 10%, in substitution of Irpef and additional taxes, for the amounts related to productivity for incomes up to EUR 40,000.   

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