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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and AFV Beltrame Group winners of the 2018 HR Award

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28 Nov 2018

American Express and Rai Way (joint second place) were runners up in the listed companies category of the award promoted by the De Luca & Partners law firm with FCA. In the unlisted companies category, after Beltrame, Farco Group came second while Bricoman Italia ranked third.


The award, in its first edition, aims to assess the best practices in the world of work and in human resources management showcasing excellence that gives real momentum to a company, by promoting competitiveness and productivity, while at the same time fostering social cohesion, conflict resolution and, more generally, the well-being both of people and of the national economy. The names of the finalists were selected by an independent jury composed of experts in human resources, sustainability and CSR and leading economists in the field.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles won first prize with its “FCA Learning City” project, a revolutionary interactive training platform for 50,000 employees in 13 languages that uses technology to foster personal responsibility, leadership and performance. In the listed companies category together with FCA, American Express came joint second placewith its “Agile Working Project”, an initiative that introduces agile working in an innovative manner also in the call center world, making it an integral part of the company organizational culture, and Rai Way with its “HR-Value Solutions”, a project that through a dialogue with trade unions was able to create new cross-cutting professionals and adopt innovative rewards and welfare formulas.


AFV Beltrame Group, which has been operating in the steel sector for more than a century, ranked first in the category of unlisted companies thanks to its innovative and extraordinary agreement with trade unions that allowed the redistribution of the value created by the company in 2017 to the workers of its three plants in Italy, involved in the social shock absorbers that were necessary to relaunch the company after a period of economic difficulty. Farco Group, a company operating in the corporate security and workplace safety services and systems rankedsecond in the category, with a complex corporate welfare program that has as its focus the individual and the promotion of occupational well-being. Bricoman Italia, the wholesale and retail distributor of professional technical products for construction and renovation, ranked third, thanks to a system of sharing knowledge, responsibility and profit with its employees, which strengthens the combination of company/individual well-being to foster competitiveness and productivity.


The winners were announced during the closing event held yesterday evening, during which the representatives of the finalist companies had the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of over one hundred professionals in the sector, and to discuss best practices and innovation in human resources management. The event, hosted by Andrea Cabrini, Director of ClassCNBC, opened with a keynote speech titled “From HR to HR2″by Ivan Ortenzi, Bip Chief Innovation Evangelist.


“An increasing number of companies wish to invest in human resources through practices and policies that enhance fairness, development and the well-being of employees,” says Vittorio De Luca, Managing Partner of De Luca & Partners law firm. “From the FCA project, which radically changes the governance model on training, to the Beltrame project, which demonstrates how it is possible to manage industrial relationships with transparency and responsibility from all stakeholders, all the way to the initiatives of the other four finalists, there is an increase in the awareness of the need to adopt work systems and HR processes to meet the needs and personal and professional expectations of employees. As the creators and promoters of this award, we are confident that we can foster change that is underway,” Vittorio De Luca concluded.


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