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11th ILERA European Regional Congress “The future of representation” – 8-10 september 2016 at the State University of Milan, via Conservatorio, 7

Vittorio De Luca and the Mayor Emeritus of Lansing discuss a successful example of cooperation between business, the community and Trade Union organizations.

From crisis to cooperation: how an American community and General Motors saved thousands of jobs during deindustrialization. This case study and the lessons that can be learnt for Italy will be discussed by Vittorio De Luca and David Hollister, Mayor Emeritus of Lansing (Michigan) and a leading actor in the “Keep GM!” movement, together with Robert Chiaravalli, a US expert in labor law, this coming 9 September. The meeting (in English) is being hosted by Milan State University, as part of the ILERA (International Labour and Employment Relations Association) Conference on the future of labor relations.