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The Lombardy stop of the Italian Tour “Attrazione Investimenti” organised by the Lombardy Region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Economic Development and Invest in Lombardy, at Palazzo di Regione Lombardia (7 November 2018)

The central theme discussed by several different speakers focused on the importance to attract investments in our Country, and in particular foreign capitals and investments in the Lombardy region.

Attorney Vittorio De Luca, Managing Partner of the Law Firm De Luca & Partners, provided his expertise by discussing the issues surrounding labour law regulations that foreign investors must face when starting up or developing business in Italy.

In this sense, Attorney De Luca highlighted how often issues such as lack of efficiency and instability in the legal system may represent a deterrent when a foreign company is trying to decide whether to invest in Italy or not.

The speech by Attorney De Luca has, among other aspects, focused on the latest reforms (the so-called Fornero Reform and the Jobs Act) which share a positive matrix towards a modern, foreseeable, clear and stable system and that for these reasons is more attractive to foreigners.

Beyond individual examples and individual reforms, an aspect that Attorney De Luca wanted to highlight was related to the importance of a consistent country-wide system working together and in which everyone is an “ambassador for Italy”.
The importance to highlight all the positive aspects that are specifically applicable to Italy, focusing on the progress and novelties that may make it an attractive country for foreign investments must be the goal of all; a goal to pursue with determination in order to fight off the “significant prejudices surrounding our Country”.