Climate change: protecting workers from injuries becomes a priority

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03 Aug 2023

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has published on its institutional website a Vademecum providing guidelines for the management of workers who are exposed (indoors and outdoors) to high temperatures during the summer period. The preamble states that “in the light of climate change scenarios, the protection of workers from temperature-related accident risks is considered a priority”.

Among the suggestions provided, if technical measures to reduce the risk cannot be implemented, the employer may put in place additional  organizational measures such as the agile working, which, therefore, is a measure to be applied for the protection of the worker. In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning that, in the Official Gazette No. 175 of last  July 28, it has been published the Decree-Law No. 98 of  July 28, 2023 on “Urgent measures for the protection of workers in the event of a climatic emergency and payment terms”, which, among others, extends to certain sectors the Ordinary Lay-off Procedure (in Italian, Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Ordinaria, “CIGO“), already in force for all the other sectors to which it applies.

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