#Ripartialia – Interview with Vittorio De Luca on MF today

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16 Mar 2021

Vittorio De Luca during the #Ripartitalia special on MF today, analyses the salient points of Law 81 of 2017, which for many aspects has proven to keep up with the times and withstood the test of the changes caused by the pandemic crisis. However, various limits need to be taken into consideration for a reform. The article examines his participation in the event of Class Editori broadcast live on Class CNBC.

Important reforms have been made over the years. Law 81 in 2017 established regulations for agile working.
The legislation turned out to be adequate exactly one year ago when there was a major start-up of smart working. Faced with the new scenario the government only needed to simplify and remove some requirements that were right for “times of peace”, but incompatible
with the emergency.”

Download the pdf of the interview on MF.

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