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Categories: Interviews | Tag: Dismissal, Procurement

Who has the power to dismiss the employee in the case of an outsourcing contract? The issue, which at first glance may appear technical, has widespread application in Italy, where the use of outsourcing (or sub-contracting) is frequent. In particular, companies have to keep on top of both developments in the regulations as well as ....

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: Dismissal, Milleproroghe Decree

“With the imminent conversion into law of the Italian Milleproroghe Decree, the extension of the deadline for entering into a fixed-term contract beyond 12 months, by agreement between the parties, is on its way. The extension granted by the decree will be from 30 April to 31 December 2024 and it will temporarily extend the ....

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: Dismissal, Whistleblowing

There is no end to new initiatives on the subject of whistleblowing. While the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 24 of 10 March 2023 are already in force for companies with 250 employees or more, for companies employing 50 to 249 employees this has only been the case since 17 December 2023, requiring them ....

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: employer, fixed-term contracts

For Vittorio De Luca, Managing Partner of the law firm De Luca & Partners, “from an employment law point of view, the most important changes are the new fixed-term contract regime, aimed, at least partially, at overcoming the restrictions introduced by the so-called Dignity Decree, as well as those in the field of safety at ....

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: digital transformation, AI

AI plays an increasingly important role in the recruitment phase, offering new opportunities in recruitment processes. In particular, the use of AI is already rapidly gaining momentum in algorithmic hiring, the personnel selection procedure wholly or partially entrusted to algorithms that is considered faster, more reliable and cheaper”. Commenting on AI used in recruitment, Vittorio De ....

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