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Categories: Interviews | Tag: employer, fixed-term contracts

For Vittorio De Luca, Managing Partner of the law firm De Luca & Partners, “from an employment law point of view, the most important changes are the new fixed-term contract regime, aimed, at least partially, at overcoming the restrictions introduced by the so-called Dignity Decree, as well as those in the field of safety at ....

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: AI, digital transformation

AI plays an increasingly important role in the recruitment phase, offering new opportunities in recruitment processes. In particular, the use of AI is already rapidly gaining momentum in algorithmic hiring, the personnel selection procedure wholly or partially entrusted to algorithms that is considered faster, more reliable and cheaper”. Commenting on AI used in recruitment, Vittorio De ....

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: EU Directive

With the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union of Directive 2023/970 which introduces new employee protections and new employer obligations on equal pay and transparency ‘the Member States of the European Union have the obligation to adapt their local laws by encouraging (and also imposing) pay transparency also in the private employment ....

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Categories: Events, Interviews | Tag: Licenziamento

On 23 February 2023 Vittorio De Luca took part in the third edition of the Welfare & HR Summit of Il Sole 24 Ore for an in-depth discussion on the anti-offshoring regulation.

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Categories: Interviews | Tag: GDPR, Whistleblowing

The draft legislative decree to transpose the EU directive on whistleblowing has been approved. As the fight against corruption and the protection of whistleblowers progresses this year, those who decide to report wrongdoing, whether in the public or private sector, will be able to do so relying on greater protection. In early December, the government ....

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