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Durante la puntata speciale di Affari Legali Focus, in onda oggi alle h 21.00 su Class CNBC, Vittorio De Luca parlerà dei profili giuslavoristici del Carried Interest. Al panel dei relatori partecipano anche Francesca Torricelli, partner di Greenberg Traurig Santa Maria, e Simone Zucchetti, partner di Tremonti Romagnoli Piccardi e Associati, che approfondiranno i profili civilistici e fiscali dell’istituto. L’intervista sarà condotta ....

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Alberto De Luca contributed to the drafting of the chapter dedicated to Italy in the “Labour & Employment” guide published by Lexology, illustrating the main legislative and jurisprudential news in a labour law manner and providing his point of view. Click here to read more.

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De Luca & Partners managing partner Vittorio De Luca, discusses the legislative measures that introduced the ban, initially generalised and later sectorial, of dismissals for economic reasons. The government has reached an agreement with the social partners on the dismissal prohibition, what is your take on it? “The agreement includes a “commitment” to use all existing ....

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Our system’s real problem is an absence of serious active employment policies. De Luca & Partners managing partner Vittorio De Luca, discusses the agreement on the end of the dismissal prohibition and Decree Law 99/2021, just approved by the Draghi government. “An explosion of redundancies is nothing more than the consequence of a ban that ....

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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has recently announced that the company intends to permanently integrate smart working into its working practices,  albeit with a hybrid approach, e.g. three days in the office and two days remotely. These statements highlight the growing interest in smart working, a system that many companies were forced to try out ....

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