Last update : 19/04/2022
How can citizens already living in the United Kingdom confirm their rights?

The United Kingdom has provided a procedure for confirming the rights acquired on 31 December 2020 by EU citizens through the EU Settlement Scheme. This procedure, which can be carried out online by 30 June 2021, by EU citizens already present in the UK on 31 December 2020, confirms the right to reside (for work, study, etc.) in the United Kingdom beyond that date.

Those who at the time of application have already lived in the UK for five or more years continuously can obtain the Settled Status which will guarantee the same rights that an Italian citizen resident in the UK had before Brexit. It will be possible to stay indefinitely, work in the country, use the health service, study and have access to public funds, such as social benefits and pensions.

If you have lived in the UK for less than five years you can apply for Pre-settled status which will allow you to stay in the UK, with the same rights as above, to complete the five continuous years in the country required to obtain Settled status.

Last update : 19/04/2022
What about citizens who do not live in the United Kingdom but intend to move there?

Those who do not live in the UK but intend to move there cannot apply for Settled status or Pre-settled status but will need to apply for a visa under the new Points-based immigration system.

Last update : 19/04/2022
What are the conditions for working in the UK?

Foreign nationals who were not resident in the UK on 31 December 2020 and wish to move to the UK for work purposes must obtain a Skilled Worker Visa. This visa is issued based on a points system. European citizens must accumulate at least 70 points awarded using different requirements, including having received a job offer from an approved employer for skilled work, i.e. work requiring at least a high school education and knowledge of the English language.

Last update : 19/04/2022
Is it possible to enter the United Kingdom for business purposes?

Foreign nationals travelling to the UK for certain business activities, such as attending meetings, conferences, negotiating contracts, may enter with Standard Visitor status. Italian nationals will not need to obtain a visa but can enter the UK simply with a valid passport. As a Standard Visitor, you are not permitted to carry out paid or unpaid work for a local company or work as a self-employed person.

Last update : 19/04/2022
What legislation applies to posted workers?

For posted workers, prior to Brexit, a specific A1 form was issued by the social security department (ensuring the application of Italian rather than United Kingdom legislation). It is possible for workers who are employed in a country other than that in which their employer is established or workers who are habitually self-employed, as a transitional derogation from the general provisions, to remain subject to the legislation of the country which sent the worker for a period of maximum 24 months. The derogation is effective only for countries that notify the European Union of their wish to use the derogation ( Category A countries). Among these, Italy can use the posting rules as of 1 February 2021 and for 15 years.

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