The fragmented regulatory framework is creating long delays and difficulties for multi-localized companies in accessing the derogated social shock absorbers (in Italian “Cassa integrazione Guadagni in deroga”, CIGD). The regulatory framework imposes on these companies conditions that are incomprehensibly more restrictive and procedures more complex for access to social shock absorbers than, for example, for companies of the industrial sector. It is sufficient to note that for these latter companies it is not mandatory to reach the union agreement, unlike what is required for multi-located companies.

Many rules, often inconsistent with each other, have been issued in recent weeks to regulate the modalities of access to CIGD for multi-localized companies. However, the “Rilancio decree” has not simplified the CIGD procedures for these companies, but has only introduced the possibility for employers to advance the payment of the CIGD, and then recover such payment from the National Institute of Social Security subsequently.

Vittorio De Luca and Alessandra Zilla talk about it for Il Sole 24 Ore on Saturday 23rd May, on the special dedicated to the work rules of the Recovery Decree.

Download on the Il Sole 24 ore Website the contribution of the firm on Derogated social shock absorbers for multi-localized companies.