In order to make it easier for employers to submit applications for the release of Form A1, INPS has developed a new procedure aimed at computerizing the procedure for the issue of this certification. The portable document A1 is issued to certify the social security legislation applicable to the worker, holder of the form, in cases where the worker is employed in one or more States that apply European Community rules. Starting 1 September 2019, applications for the A1 form must be submitted electronically exclusively. For all approved applications, the A1 certification to be issued to the worker will be produced. The application, for each request accepted with the output protocol number enhanced, allows you to download in PDF format the A1 certification that will be stored in the application. The applicant, in addition to being able to view the result on the web dashboard dedicated to him, will be notified of the settlement of the application by e-mail and/or SMS respectively to the address and mobile phone number indicated in the application (if any). A copy of the A1 portable document will be sent to the applicant by PEC or e-mail. If, at the request of the foreign institution, it is necessary to acquire the portable document A1 in original format, the certification will be available for collection at the competent INPS territorial structure.