Taxes and penalties

De Luca & Partners possesses social security expertise.

De Luca & Partners’ professionals offer assistance in court and out-of-court disputes against social security and insurance institutions (e.g. INPS, INAIL), supervisory bodies regarding contributions and insurance lawfulness, classification of the employment and dispute/objection to tax assessments and notices.

Social security and insurance profiles are an element that our professionals pay close attention. Risks with impact on social security may emerge in settlements by mutual consent or other types of employment law cases.

Thanks to its experience and the support of expert HR Capital team payroll advisors, the Firm offers its clients more complete assistance for technical-accounting aspects of insurance and social security issues. This includes the identification of social security charges resulting from an employment relationship and the social security system. The Firm assists clients in defining cost-savings plans which include changing from a social security system to one which is contribution-based.